It’s been way to long.

Finals week a SCAD and I can feel it! I’ve been shooting my final for my photo class and I started printing from the negatives on some silver gelatin. I’ll be posting those up this week!

Above is a shoot I did for a friend whom is a fibers major. She designed and crafted the garment that the model (Clarie) is wearing. The dress was inspired by a post rock culture that has influenced fashion in certain aspects. When she approached me about shooting the piece we spoke about how she wanted these to look. The reason the dress was inspired made us linger on the idea of black and white images and a punk rock feel with a mixture of a more “posh” look. I tried to create an amisphere that mixed the two, with both lighting and a bit of set design. 

I’d also like to thank my great friend and second model Pontso. Sitting in the third image.

Thank you all for following and I’m sorry that I haven’t been 100% on here but it’ll all be back to normal soon!